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The Seventeen22 Foundation is proud to have some amazing athletes behind our brand and representing our organization while they are out there putting in the work.

To inquire about becoming an ambassador, simply email


Since the age of 4, I’ve participated in athletics; but passionate for wellness. While working full-time in a hospital, I’ve spent my spare time becoming a certified Insanity Live instructor, a CrossFit – Level 1 Coach, and a Certified LEAP Therapist. Yearning to learn all I can about the fields of health and wellness, I began running in 2008 with Team in Training, and I took on my first half marathon in Nashville. Since that first race, I’ve completed about 26 other halfs and countless 5 and 10ks. In 2016, I decided to try my hand at triathlons and quickly increased from sprints to 70.3s. In 2017, I attempted my first full Ironman and, unfortunately, I crashed and was pulled from the race at mile 100. But I went back the next year to redeem myself! I promptly retired from triathlons that Sunday! In 2019, I set my sights on bigger and bolder - starting with the Dopey Challenge in Disney in Jaunary. For those that don’t know, that’s running a 5k, 10k, half, and full marathon over 4 days. I will definitely do that again! I also took on my first ultramarathon in April - the Badlands 50k in Mississippi.  I will continue to push my body to see just what it is able to accomplish. 2020 will bring me to my first 50 miler as well as the 29029 Everesting event. I’m proud to do represent the Seventeen22 Foundation as an ambassador! 

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Currently a professional triathlete, two-times IRONMAN champion and one of the top long distance triathletes in the World, I didn’t have an active childhood. I like to joke my sports career started in ’94 with the video game World Cup ’94 for Super Nintendo. While my high school cooper test (12-min run) might have be far from impressive, I was able to slowly overcome that non-athletic background and slowly grab Portugal’s triathlon leaders attention.

I started triathlon precisely because I was a sedentary child. In my teens my dad started to challenge me to do some races, I believe he wanted me to have something physically exciting and challenging so obesity wouldn’t struck later on life. It was the perfect master plan, as addicting as the sport is, I quickly become excited for new goals. However as everyone else I began with slow performances. Even after I decided this was what I want to do with my life, it took me years of persistency and work to move up the rankings. The biggest handicap was definitely the swim as it’s a very technical sport. At the end of the day, the lack of a sports background was a hurdle I had to overcome, but if you want achieve higher goals if you always have to be willing to make sacrifices and persevere.

Your Race, Your Way
Whether you run, hike, walk, crossfit, or cycle, you can join our team at any athletic event you choose and represent the Seventeen22 Foundation. Once you raise $30, we will send you an official team drifit shirt or tank.  Be sure to share your story on social media and hashtag #NFfamilies.  We love to feature our athletes to tell the rest of the world the wonderful work you are doing for NF families. 
Do you have your eye on an upcoming 104.6 or 70.3 triathlon?  We are seeking ONE athlete to represent Seventeen22 Foundation in 2020.  Simply fill out the application below to be entered into the selection process. (Winner will be announced towards the end of 2019.)

Seventeen22 Foundation is an official member of the IRONMAN Triclub Program. To dedicate your next race, simply select us as your club affiliation!

Dedicate your next triathlon to NF families!  You can have your entire race entry reimbursed and earn other great fundraising rewards!  Email to inquire. 

Other Ways to Engage
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Find us on Strava as Seventeen22 Foundation!  Join our club and you can log your miles, interact and "train" with other athletes.

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