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The Seventeen22 Foundation is excited to establish the Leadership Council.  This elite group of volunteers has been set up to expand the reach and mission of the organization.  Council members will meet regularly in order to stay updated with organizational developments and take an active oversight role regarding upcoming deadlines, results benchmarks or any challenges that the Foundation may be facing. 


A successful Leadership Council member has certain qualifications, including:


  • Understanding of the Seventeen22 Foundation’s mission and programs. 

  • Knowledge of the types of NF.

  • Available to connect with the Leadership Council on a regular basis. (Schedule to be determined, but no more than once a month.)

  • Able to connect with others on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. 

  • An experienced user of Microsoft Office products and Gmail.

  • Become a local Seventeen22 Foundation contact in your area.

  • Able to share ideas to expand fundraising efforts in your community.

  • Advocate for the NF community. 

  • Create a culture that is diverse and inclusive. 

  • Utilize your network and resources to expand the reach of Seventeen22 Foundation. 

Interested in joining?  Please fill out the questionnaire below. (Open until February 29, 2024.) 

Questions?  Reach out Patty Guinta at

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