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Angela Kramer

As an NF mom, Angela became involved with the NF community when her daughter was diagnosed with NF1.  Over the years, she discovered that there weren't resources available for NF families and so the Seventeen22 Foundation was formed. 

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Gillian Carpenter

Director, Events and Fundraising

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Jennifer Marrs
Executive Committee, Events and Fundraising


Cathie Leys

Secretary, Treasurer

As a business professional, Cathie brings her forward thinking outlook to the Seventeen22 Foundation.  She is passionate about the cause and the families since one of her 5 grandchildren has NF. 

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Leah Blake,



Seth Habberfield

Seth became involved with NF when he competed in his first Ironman in 2015. Over the last 6 years Seth has grown to understand NF and all of its parts. He brings unique and "outside the box" fundraising ideas to the table and knows how to connect to athletes.


Patty and Danny Guinta
Executive Committee, Events and Fundraising


Wendy Looper

Director, Grant Management

Wendy is the Auntie to a beautiful niece with NF1. Her niece was diagnosed at 3 months. Since that initial diagnosis, she has spent time educating herself and others about NF and helping others find resources. Wendy has also completed multiple athletic events in the honor of her niece who continues to inspire her. 


Tera Willhelm
Executive Committee, Events and Fundraising

Tera is a college graduate and a successful adult living with NF.  She has been active in the community for many years and can relate to how many NF adults feel as they go through difficult times.  Her view on life is remarkable and anybody who knows her knows how much of a joy she is to be around. 

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