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Family Aid Grants

The Seventeen22 Family Aid Grant program awards assistance up to a specified amount per year to help families with expenses associated with neurofibromatosis that are not covered by insurance or other third party providers.   Applications into the program are accepted quarterly and grants are awarded at the end of each application cycle. Once an application has been accepted, we ask that they wait one year before reapplying to the program.  Please do not reach out for the status of your application. We will notify applicants once they have been awarded and the application will stay open unless otherwise communicated by the Seventeen22 Foundation. 

*Grant applications will be reviewed at the end of each quarter:  

1st quarter:  January 1 - March 31

2nd quarter:   April 1 - May 31

3rd quarter:  June 1 - August 31

4th quarter:  September 1 - December 31

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